23. You May Love To Talk, But Not Everyone Wants To Listen

Nobody wants to hear you talk all the time. Be attentive to listen more, allowing other people the pleasure of speaking and hold yourself back.

Do not over talk or interrupt the person speaking. There is no need for you to add to everything anyone else says, showing you also did or have done better.

The less you speak, the more you will hear. The more often you hold back from speaking, while listening to your thoughts before you let them out of your mouth, the more you will get to know your true self by seeing what you are thinking, and at the same time, develop tact and awareness.


Uncovering The Real You

Examine each of your character traits to see if it is something you value or would prefer to change. Claim as your own those you value, and discard the rest.

Be sure to repeat this exercise monthly, because in response to your examination, habits may go inactive and resurface later.