34. You Do Not Need A Book Or A Religious Leader

34. You Do Not Need A Book Or A Religious Leader

34. You Do Not Need A Book Or A Religious Leader

There is really only one book one must read, and that book is placed in your heart. The right way to live is always clear if you subjugate your self-centred ego. Fixating on anything can be very narrow minded and lead to following rules without common sense thought or adaptation to current situations.

You must always see each moment individually. Just think, ponder and observe the reactions to your actions moment to moment and be ready to apologize and adjust instantly and you will always be accepted. If you live this way and fall down, there will be many people close by to pick you up because you will be worthy of respect.

There is a saying; “He who knows himself, knows God.” Indeed we are the microcosm to the macrocosm in many ways, including in conscious awareness. The concept of God is an all powerful being. If you know God, by knowing yourself, you will be ‘all powerful’ over your own life.

Reflect upon your actions with an open mind, be judgmental on yourself, and you will soon learn to hear your own conscience guide you.


Media Fast

The media fast will sharpen your mental awareness.

Physical pain can be inflicted without physical contact, by bright enough light or loud enough sound, or by increasing the frequency beyond the ears ability to hear.

There is a constant barrage of sights and sounds that are slowly numbing your physical senses so your body can handle the background sensory inputs without feeling pain.

The intellect gets so involved with words and other sensory inputs that keep it distracted and hypnotised, that it loses the ability to stay focused or detect subtle sights and sounds.

The exercise is to not listen to radio, music, YouTube, surf the net, watch TV, read newspapers and magazines or any other information input or distraction, other than what is vital for your work.

The mind will calm down and have the opportunity to repair the damage that has been done over the years of over activity.

Your mind will become sharper and clearer if you persist with this exercise for at least one month. You may notice that when you hear an old favourite song for example, you will hear words or notes that you have never heard before.