5. Watch Your Thoughts, Words and Actions

5. Watch Your Thoughts, Words and Actions

5. Watch Your Thoughts, Words and Actions

Each moment is a new beginning for what comes next. Hence, be careful what you say and do each moment because that will determine what comes next and, in the long term future.

Live with this awareness of the repercussions of all your words and actions and you may get a glimpse of the past that created the current situation.

Every word we speak and think effects someone, even your own mind. Be conscious of what you are saying at all times and make yourself a little better every day.

Try not to speak negatively about anything or voice a negative thought.

Refrain from divisive speech, lies, gossip and useless conversations; never argue over religions and politics or other things people can be emotionally closed minded about, or take an argumentative position just to be argumentative.

Choose your words carefully as if you have only so many to speak and when they run out you die. Now you have a good reason to think first and be mindful of your speech.


Use Precision In Your Speech

Watch for exaggerations and be very precise in the words you use. Refrain from using exaggerated words to describe the weather, or the traffic, the weight of a bag, expressions of effort, ‘I was about to die; It was killing me’. Reflect on how you speak about other people. If you cannot stop yourself before speaking, then think about it afterwards.

Heightening Your Awareness of Contagious Negativity

Be aware of negative influences affecting you. Pay closer attention to what people around you say and what you say in response. Observe the negativity that comes to expression in everyday rhetoric, especially colloquialisms and automatic remarks.
Identify the negative thoughts and expressions that are permeating your life. Do not participate in those conversations.
Avoid brushing anything off as harmless. For example, the statement; “The weather is going to be terrible this weekend,” although possibly true, ruins the weekend before it begins. The weather is what it is, just adapt.
Or; “I can’t take it, it’s going to kill me if that happens.” That’s a great exaggeration that just makes one worry far more than necessary with a very negative emotional cloud overhead.

Observe Your Own Actions, Opinions, Comments; Live With Integrity

Are your preferences yours or are you going along with others even though you may disagree or doubt that this is the best opinion?
Observe what makes you do and say the things you do. For example, if people are speaking badly about someone, do you just join in without thinking? Or, about the weather. Perhaps it is Monday or Friday morning and everyone is complaining about feeling tired and you robotically agree, even though you do not feel tired.
This exercise will help you gain control over your life rather than living like a sheep, thinking what other people tell you to think while believing that you are independent.