37. Ultimately Nothing Matters

37. Ultimately Nothing Matters

37. Ultimately Nothing Matters

Remember this in relation to anything that you find is earth shatteringly important, and you will free yourself from so much pain and frustration and have far less arguments.

Yes, there are some things which are very important, but this ethic is about the little things which make up 98% of the things we worry about and keep us down.

This is the most powerful key to having a peaceful mind and heart, which opens the door to creativity and becoming more than just another normal human.


Remember The Ones Who Are Gone

Think of anyone you know and consider what their great grandfather did. Of course you cannot know anything about that person but what about your own great great grandparents?  Even your own ancestors are as if they never existed.

Think about what you are worried or upset about now, and think forward 100 years. Will this be in any way relevant or matter to anyone? You may find very little does. In 100 years, you will be the same, disappeared into oblivion, so why worry. Whatever you do in this life, the day to day things you are panicking about, will eventually be forgotten, that is a guarantee.