31. There Should Be No Religions, No Races, No Cultures, No Politics, Or Gender Rules

There is only one thing, humanity. When all these differences have been released, we will have harmony on earth. Respect and be fair to others’ opinions and, religions, races, nationalities, cultures or social classes, let them be who they want to be and hope they realize that opinions and groups separates us and them, which makes everyone suffer and create enemies.

Trying to convince them you are right creates a religion of your own.

You live your way and let others live theirs. Teach by your example of seeing and treating every human being the same, not just by your words, that’s where religions went wrong.


See Bodies, Not People

Go to a party or sit in a crowded cafe for some time blindfolded, or in some way blinded from seeing the people. Listen to the voices and things they say. Normally you will not be able to tell what they look like, but maybe you can get an idea from their accent, although you know, sometimes you will be wrong. You may even think someone is a woman but in fact is a man, just because they have a high pitched voice, or are transgender.

Now, add to being blind, to be deaf. Find a way to be in public and not see and perhaps only hear muffled noises so you cannot distinguish accents or tones.

In that limited way of interacting and judging people, can you tell who is good or bad, or anything else about each individual? Everyone becomes one and the same.

Turn this around. When you travel to another country and are met with prejudice due to your race or country, do you feel that is fair? When you go home, remember that feeling every time you judge someone by their race.

It is wrong to be prejudice against someone you do not know just because of their race, however it is valid to be prejudice against an individual you do know. Get to know each person from a clean mind before you decide what they are like.