35. The World Is Not Fair

35. The World Is Not Fair

35. The World Is Not Fair

This is not a good world where the just triumph or the good get what they deserve. Accept the reality that everything is by chance and not because you did something good that you should get rewarded. Be happy when you do, but do not get disappointed when you do not.

Take correct action at all times and you will have a better chance of getting what you want, regardless of what you deserve.


Find The Real Cause Of An Event, The Cause Of The Cause Of The Cause

Think of any conflict you had today or pick any subject you like. Try to find the real cause, what triggered the event, and then what came before that, and before that.

To reinforce your ability to trace thoughts to their source and learn to think for yourself, visualise a forest, then focus on a tree, then a branch, then a leaf, and finally a vein in the leaf. Follow that vein through the leaf, back through the branch, down through the trunk, to the roots, and into the earth. From within the earth, which feeds the tree, think of where else you might go, the soil, the rain, where the rain comes from.

Do this very slowly so your mind can hold the thread of the visualisation.

This will improve your skill in solving problems and getting out of difficult situations by being able to quickly see the real problem at hand.