3. Respect Everyone

3. Respect Everyone, Never Disregard Another Human Being

3. Respect Everyone, Never Disregard Another Human Being

Respect is shown in many ways. It basically boils down to making someone else wait or suffer in some way just so you can have your way.

Respect other people’s time. Be punctual, on time or early for appointments. Do what you have promised to do better than you promised it.

Do not abuse anyone for any reason or make excuses that allow you to put yourself ahead of others unjustly. No one owes you a living; you have to earn to survive; never be lazy.

You do not have to like someone or even talk to them, but you can still treat them with respect. Respecting others is the only way to have true self-respect.

Consider every single action, the way you drive, how you park, taking up two spaces, talk on the phone in public, your phone making alert sounds, everything and anything you do.

If you are ill and have to go out in public, wear a medical mask so you do not spread your germs and make others sick. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did that?

Be attentive that you are respecting the rights of other people and not disturbing or obstructing their life even for a second in any way.

Your holding someone back in traffic may make them late and thus rush, and get into an accident.

Do not disregard the far reaching effects of your actions.


Keep Your Word

When you say you will do something, you must do it. If you meet someone on the street and you say you will call to have lunch, then you must call. Very simple, just keep your word.