7. Reflect on Yourself

7. Reflect on Yourself

7. Reflect on Yourself

Acknowledge objectively what other people think of you; if they hate you or like you or whatever their thoughts are about you.

Find the true cause of their opinion and you will know what to change in yourself.

If you examine yourself objectively, and ask other people if they agree with that opinion about you, you will know if it is valid or just them venting.


Uncovering The Real You

Examine each of your character traits to see if it is something you value or would prefer to change.

Claim as your own those you value, and discard the rest.

Be sure to repeat this exercise monthly, because in response to your examination, habits may go inactive and resurface later.

Accept Criticism

Be aware of criticism against you and do not respond.

Notice how you want to react to small things people pick on you for, but just hold your tongue. Do not react at all, ever.