28. Question The Validity When You Hate Or Are Angry About Something

Stop and reflect if you really hate it, is it really that bad? Will it really kill you? You will find that hating something is just a learnt habitual reaction and things are never as bad as you see them to be.


Learn From Stereotypes

Prove the validity of stereotypes by observing how the majority of people of any particular culture have the same beliefs and manners in clothing, music, manner of speaking, and other forms of self-expression even when they move to another country.

Examine your preferences and think about your parents, society and culture. Look for how you fit the stereotype of your nationality or religion. Are you relating yourself to your country, city, sports team, profession?

To what degree are you truly an individual, and to what degree do your likes, dislikes, and dreams for the future merely reflect family and societal expectations?