11. It’s Not About What You Get, It’s About What You Can Give

Do not put yourself first and selfishly think always; ‘What will I get if I do this’. Rather think; ‘What will be the benefit to others if I do, or do not do, this.’ When all your actions only consider your personal benefit, and if you cannot see a direct personal return on your actions, you will not do it, you will miss out on many potential benefits that you may not see at the time.

If you pour the tea, or do anything, for someone else, do not try to show how nice you are, trying to get credit or acknowledgment for your actions. Act invisibly, do what needs to be done without thought of yourself, and you will be worthy of respect.

Being worthy of respect is the best way to have self respect.


Associate Things To People

While doing chores such as washing the dishes or the laundry, each time you touch an item think of the person who used it. Remind yourself of how much you love that person and feel the connection you have with them.

If you are single or live alone, invite yourself over to a friend or family member, or hold a dinner party each night this week.

This exercise will turn chores from boring to joyful and increase the love you feel to a constant experience. You will find great joy in giving of yourself which is the most valuable thing you can give.

Hug Or Call, Share Your Heart

Each day this week, hug as many people as you can, and call anyone you know, just to say, ‘Hello, I care about you very much.’