4. Honour Your Word

4. Honour Your Word

4. Honour Your Word

A person’s true value is calculated by the degree to which they keep their word. If you say you will do something, you must do it.

In business, if you quote a price, you must honour it even if you end up losing money.

If you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, or that you will call someone later, you must do everything you say you will do.

Your word becomes your own personal commandment to yourself as if spoken by God.


Do Not Speak While In A Group

Refrain from saying even one word when you are with a group of friends or your family. Tell them that you are going to stay silent for half an hour. If they would like to try the exercise, you can each take turns being silent.
You should still participate in whatever is going on, but merely be mute. You will start to hear your words forming in your mind and soon be able to think before you speak rather than the other way round.

Test Your Morals

Observe for one full day how often you compromise your moral standards. For example, you may think of yourself as a person of high integrity and honesty who does not lie or steal. But you might find that you tell lies, compromise your values, distort the truth, or exaggerate. Or you might catch yourself pocketing a small item that does not belong to you. Throughout the day, try to be 100 percent honest and precise about every word that you say.