2. Harm No One Intentionally

2. Harm No One Intentionally

2. Harm No One Intentionally

This is really simple. Don’t steal, kill, lie, abuse, destroy or give even an intentional jaded remark or dirty look etc.

There is no absolution by praying to a deity or confessing your sins. That will not make the one you harmed any better off, and your subconscious mind knows that.


Examine The Effect You Had On Others Today

Ask yourself each night, how what you did today effected other people. We often do things that we do not notice, and hurt other people in a MINOR way. Since it is minor, it goes unnoticed.
Pay attention to all your little actions and consider everything from the other person’s point of view, be aware of their subtle expressions and reactions to see if you could be a bit more considerate and refine your character a little more.

Be Considerate

People and machines have one thing in common: they will not perform well if you push the wrong buttons. To deepen your understanding of others’ psychological “buttons,” explore your own by paying attention to what is going on in and around you.
Observe your reactions – learn how you react by sensing the feelings in your body. Only when you truly know yourself can you be considerate of others. Until then, remember this:
Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment.

Do Not Step On Any Bugs Today

Pay special attention while you walk outside that you do not step on any bugs if you can avoid it. This is more about using your attention and being present, and at the same time, you may find that a natural sense of compassion arises.
It may also bring up the feeling of desire to crush that little bug. Either way, do your best not to step or kill any bugs, and also observe your feelings and thoughts.