33. ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ Is A Lie

The truth is that everything just happens, good and bad, just happens. You can make something good out of everything that happens if you take control and find a way by seeing it objectively. The tree will fall, its up to you where you pitch your tent so you do not have to dig yourself out, but rather can make use of the timber.

Remember always, nothing is permanent.


Exercise To Develop Self Discipline & Will Power

Get a bowl of potato chips, M&M’s, peanuts or whatever your favourite and addictive snack food is, the thing that you cannot stop at eating just one.

Put that bowl on your desk or wherever you are. Set a timer for 30 minute intervals and allow yourself one piece at each interval.  This exercise will develop a tremendous amount of will power if you do it long enough, which could be for some months, every day if possible.