24. Do Not Make Anyone Conform To Your Desires

Because that means you are playing God. To make restrictions on anyone removes their free will and you would not want anyone to remove your free will. Rather, you should become resilient.

Of course this is within reason. Controlling or making restrictions on how someone talks to you is not comparable to physical abuse.

There is a difference between your desires and your obligations for managing people to serve the duty of the job. Making others change to support your weakness or frail ego is wrong, but making them conform so they perform their duties correctly by preventing them from acting wrongly in ways which may harm the company, clients or co-workers is obligatory.

No one has the right to tell anyone else how they should speak for example. You should be responsible for how you react, and let each one be how they are, so that you feel comfortable with you being how you want to be. Become like a cloud, as we discuss in the about page.