22. Do Not Correct Others And Never Try To Show Someone Else Is Wrong

Many times someone will be talking about something that you know they are wrong and you know better. If it is directions they are giving someone and that is wrong, then speak up. But if what they are saying really is not going to change anything if you correct them, stay quiet and do not embarrass them.

Trying to make yourself look smart and better at the cost of someone else’s self-esteem or credibility is wrong. Never put someone else down, no matter how you justify it. That justification is a self-lie just to allow yourself to lower another for the purpose of raising yourself up instead of working to raise yourself through your own efforts at self improvement.

It’s cruel to point out a person’s flaws or limitations, which are not possible to change or correct. However, to point out the flaws that can be changed, is support and compassion if done with sincere intent to help and not about you showing yourself as better. Your words, even if you think are with good intentions, must be carefully measured.


Do Not Speak Badly About Anyone

Abstain from any gossip or negative words about any other person. If you can’t say anything good, then don’t say anything at all. Practicing exercise 5. Do Not Speak While In A Group, will help you learn how to hold yourself back.