8. Be Objective

8. Be Objective

8. Be objective

Allow for everyone to be human and scared. It’s not always about you or against you personally. Sometimes you just happen to be in the way, the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let life flow and flow with it, the good and the bad. Just deal with whatever is in front of you objectively.

Do not take anything personally and you will never be upset or feel insulted, inferior or attacked and most importantly, you will never feel weak or fearful.


How Not To Get Angry

Every time someone is angry at you, remember that you do not know what happened to them this morning.

Maybe they lost their job or had a car accident, or found they have a terrible illness.

Remember that their words cannot hurt you any more than if they have very bad breath, and they are just like any animal in pain, venting at you. Now you can have compassion for them.