1. Accept Full Responsibility For Everything In Your Life

1. Accept Full Responsibility For Everything In Your Life

1. Accept Full Responsibility For Everything In Your Life

Nothing can happen to you in any way without you participating in some form, even if that means you chose to drive to the store and had a car accident; you were involved in some way.

Perhaps you were not paying enough attention or there was an intuition you did not listen to. In some way, you were involved and you must recognize your part.

Accepting responsibility is both for the things that happen to you and also your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. By accepting full responsibility, your mind will start to pay more attention to your words and actions and become more present at all times.

Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, the good and bad, the things that happen to you and the things you make happen, as well as the things you let pass you by and have missed.

Even if it is not your fault, by taking responsibility as if it is your fault, you have a much better chance of making your life into something better. You just have to figure out how and why it happened and what part you had to play in it regardless of how bizarre or contrary your actions were to what you think you would do. You made it happen.


Accept Responsibility For Your Actions

If you make a mistake in your work or anything that causes another person loss, do not charge to fix the problem you created.
People who suffer a loss because of someone else’s error should not be penalised.
Keeping all your dealings honourable and acting with integrity at your own financial expense is more advantageous because you will gain more in terms of respect and self-respect.

Examine The Effect You Had On Others Today

Ask yourself each night, how what you did today effected other people.
We often do things that we do not notice, and hurt other people in a MINOR way. Since it is minor, it goes unnoticed.
Pay attention to all your little actions and consider everything from the other person’s point of view, be aware of their subtle expressions and reactions to see if you could be a bit more considerate and refine your character a little more.