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Ethicalism Clarifies The Difference Between Religious Faith And Conscious Faith In Yourself

To Create Lions Rather Than Sheep

Ethicalism is not about creating a new religion, but one cannot ignore the benefits and necessity of the concept of religion. Religion is basically a framework of the world that gives a meaning and purpose to life. Without purpose or direction, life can be empty and hopeless.

Ethicalism hopes to meet the needs that religion cannot, because of dogmatic views, without distorting its simplicity. It is a path that is logical, non-dogmatic, and practical; a simple code of ethics which paves the way for one to be a good human being in a challenging world.

Ethicalism does not offer a creation myth, a reward of heaven or punishment of hell. One can decide for oneself what comes after death or where this all began, or, simply accept the reality that one must wait for the inevitable end to find out, and enjoy each moment until then. Ethicalism is a way of living to make this very life more of a heavenly existence and less of a hell. It deals with the reality and present moment of this one life you are living now. It believes in simply being as good a human being as one possibly can be, and trying to be a little better tomorrow. There is no call to convert, coerce, preach or draw other people.

The beauty of Ethicalism is that it does not contradict any other teaching and does not preclude anyone from staying with their religion and using Ethicalism as an addition to their self-development, without any conflicts.

Blind faith is not enough. We need conscious faith based on fact and self proven experiences. Ethicalism provides, and even requires, that each person must prove to themselves the validity of all the ethics based on sincere and open minded testing.

Religions separate people and create differences between one religion and another. Either you are this or you are not one of us, and that creates wars and animosity. Ethicalism is about one human race without any separation of any sort, be it race, religion, culture, social class or gender. Only sheep can follow a leader who says we are white sheep and the others are black sheep. Ethicalism says there is no difference between black and white.

The Goal of Ethicalism

To be master of one’s own mind, to clearly understand what one is thinking and why, to be immune to emotional and mental manipulations, to deal with every situation wisely and objectively with perfect ease, comfort and balance. To be a strong and confident person, making you proud to be you.

Everyone Wants To Live Guilt Free
With Peace Of Mind And Heart

We also want to be independent, but we need to be shown steps to guide us through the challenges. These steps include the Ethics, as well as exercises and examples of how to apply them.

Ethicalism creates faith in oneself through discipline and self-responsibility

Low self-esteem is a long standing plague; deep down, many people are simply ashamed of themselves. The modern education system accepts mediocrity rather than pushing for excellence. The idea that children should not be pushed to reach their potential, but rather should be allowed to do what they want and behave as they wish without discipline, rejects the teaching of ethical and moral behaviour because ethical conduct requires discipline.

Without discipline, we are lost. Ethics are a way to impose discipline on oneself such that your actions will be exemplary and thus not create subconscious guilt, and that means feeling good and confident about oneself. The better a person one becomes, the more recognition one will get, and the more faith in oneself one will have.

In guiding us to take responsibility for ourselves, Ethicalism helps us to deal with other people and the world as it is, which is the only way to know how to make it better. It gives a very simple but valuable purpose to your life by making other people happy, or at least relieved, that you are their client, friend, family member, partner, employee, or whatever your relationship is with them. Even a stranger walking down the road smiling and full of energy lights up the life of others they pass, and gets the warmth of their own light reflected back.

Living ethically promises one the opportunity to feel connected to one’s own heart as well as other people in a pure, fearless and uninhibited existence. We become emotionally free and balanced in the process.

Ethicalism is a code of conduct that makes one comparable
to the most powerful force in nature, a cloud. 

A powerful storm cloud is stronger than the sun. It can turn day to night, yet when a jet flies through it, it remains unchanged, letting the jet pass unharmed. This tells us that just because there is power, one can be accepting and harm no one at the same time.

A valuable benefit Ethicalism can offer is to help one become more like a cloud, a powerful one or a white fluffy one as needed, independent and beyond manipulation, yet brings shade, rain, or simply beautifies the blue sky with touches of delicate white puffs, to everyone on the planet equally.

Let’s all live a simple way, with a code of ethics. To be emotionally independent and have perfect equanimity is heaven on earth.

Let’s all live a simple way, with a code of ethics.
To be emotionally independent and have perfect equanimity is heaven on earth.


Since a young child, David Samuel devoted his life to understanding the source of suffering and challenges we all face.  His exploration into the nature of the mind, as an entrepreneur, a student of behavioural psychology, and in several spiritual traditions, has led to the discovery of the common values and core desires of every human being.

In hope of providing something of value to the world, David collated the Ethics to give everyone – either those who have a teacher or religion or those who have lost hope with the teachers and religions of today – a self-directed path to become content while strengthening ones individuality and sense of self.
For more information on David Samuel, please visit his website at www.davidsamuel.net