A New Way to Live based on Ethics

A life of simply trying each day to be a good human being based on Ethics, making you proud to be you.


  • To be master of one’s own life.
  • To increase your motivation.
  • To be immune from emotional and mental manipulations.
  • To be proud to be you.

What is Ethicalism?

Ethicalism is a code of moral conduct that, if followed, will make one worthy of respect. Rather than to demand respect, one should strive to be worthy of respect.

Ethicalism is simply a collection of ethics and practical exercises to help apply them in our life. In conducting ourselves such that we will live a satisfying and purposeful life, we strengthen our individuality and self-esteem, while opening up to deeper connections with ourself and others.

What Makes Ethicalism different?

Teachers, schools and religions of the past have failed in the ultimate goal of unifying all of humanity. They were presented in a style suitable only to some, but not everyone.

Ethicalism overcomes that limitation by presenting a path of living which can give anyone a sense of self-satisfaction and unity through understanding, with everybody. It opens our hearts to a more emotional and deeply satisfying experience of life in a path without rigid rules.

The ethics are so simple and clear that they are suitable to every single human being regardless of race, religion, culture, gender or age.

Through the simplicity and non-dogmatic principles of Ethicalism, people of all races and religions can maintain their culture and faith if they choose, yet find harmony and acceptance for everyone of different faiths, and eliminate hatred and prejudices.

A human being is a human being; there is no reason to treat anyone differently just because of their race, religion, culture, gender or social class.

Everyone from every walk of life has the right to feel emotionally strong and balanced in a very confused world.

What opinions does Ethicalism have?

Ethicalism takes no stand on political, religious or social issues. Each person is free to choose what they want to believe in without judgement.

More About Ethicalism

What is Ethicalism?


Ethics have been a guiding light since the beginning of organised society. The ethics presented here have been selected and expressed in a suitable way for contemporary life in a manner that is practical and applicable to anyone. They are a guide to live a life to be proud of.

All Ethics

Some Examples

1. Accept Full Responsibility for Everything in Your Life

Nothing can happen to you in any way without you being in some form participating, even if that means you chose to drive to the store and had a car accident; you were involved in some way.

7. Reflect on Yourself

Acknowledge objectively what other people think of you. If they hate you or like you or whatever their thoughts are about you. Find the true cause of their opinion and you will know what to change in yourself.

13. Pay Your Debts

Give back for everything you receive in some way. Do not wait to be asked for something in return. Just give automatically, and not just offer in hope they say, “it’s ok”.



Eliminate Anger, Don’t Just Contain It

Anger can be either destructive or constructive, depending on whether it is at or for something.

Four Facts Of Life To Be Emotionally Free

If you want to be emotionally free, you must accept certain facts about being human:

Emotional Independence

Don’t just think who you are, know who you are. Become Emotionally Independent.